June 29, 2018

SEFEA IMPACT SGR launches its first fund "Si-Social Impact".

Rome, 29 May 2018: A few days after the presentation of the legislative proposals of the EU Commission for the implementation of the Sustainable Finance Action Plan, Sefea Impact SGR - currently the only SGR in Italy to manage closed-end funds following exclusively a social impact strategy - launches "Sì-Social Impact": its first investment fund, in which private capital can contribute to creating positive, concrete and measurable social impacts on people, the environment and the community, as well as generating economic returns.


Promoted by Sefea - its founding partner and member of Febea, the European federation that brings together the main European financial institutions involved in supporting the social and solidarity economy - and by the Fondazione di Comunità di Messina, Sefea Impact SGR proposes itself as a catalyst for new financial resources for companies with a social and/or environmental focus, in a context of significant evolution of the sector and, more generally, in a period of important development of the responsible investments market.

"With Sì-Social Impact finally comes the tool that brings together the supply and the demand of this specific segment of investments, and that responds to the European guidelines for the support and development of sustainable finance - comments Fabio Salviato, president and CEO of Sefea Impact SGR - There is a potential market of 30 billion of socially oriented investments for which there was not yet a dedicated instrument".

Reserved for institutional investors, "Sì-Social Impact" intends to reach a total of € 55 million, through a campaign to raise awareness among the broad audience of potential investors who are sensitive to the issues of impact investing.

Which is the target in Italy? The social enterprises ex lege, including the social cooperatives and their consortiums, and other cooperatives and enterprises driven by social and/or environmental impact objectives. The objective of "Sì-Social Impact" is therefore the development of a sector of companies capable of providing, in a sustainable manner in the long term, adequate responses to the needs of people, society and the environment, generating a measurable, positive social impact. In this way, the Fund intends to become a laboratory of social entrepreneurship, able to select, strengthen and model systems for the production of goods and services with a social and environmental value.

The first supporter of the project is the Fondazione CON IL SUD, a private non-profit organization born from the alliance between banking foundations and the third sector and voluntary sectors, to promote social cohesion paths and good network practices to promote the development of Sud. "The Foundation has promoted the establishment of the Sì-Social Impact" Fund, investing ten million of its assets in it - explains Carlo Borgomeo, president of Fondazione CON IL SUD. "We consider it essential to start up concrete experiments in the field of social impact investments and that many experiences of social enterprise, also supported by the Foundation, can use appropriate financial instruments ".

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