August 09, 2019

DOEN Participaties and a group of investors to invest 2 million euros in Naïf

DOEN Participaties, VenturesOne and a Family Office based in The Hague are to invest 2 million euros in the sustainable body and skin care brand Naïf. The investment will enable Naïf to make the cosmetic market more sustainable with new products. The company also wants to grow ten times in size in the next five years and expand its online sales.

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DOEN Participaties has been investing in innovative, sustainable and socially inclusive start-ups for almost twenty-five years. The organisation chose Naïf because the company produces skincare products that are kind to the skin and environmentally friendly. This means that they contain no unnecessary chemicals, plastic microparticles, parabens, allergens or other harmful ingredients. Sustainability is central, not only to the product but also to the packaging. For example, the tubes are made from a plastic substitute based on sugar cane.

“We all rinse so much junk down the drain. If you think about it, it is completely baffling that the major brands still use so many harmful substances,” says Marc Rasmussen, Impact Investment Manager at DOEN Participaties. “Naïf is clearly at the forefront of the personal care and beauty sector. We hope the sector will follow their example.”

Forerunner in the field of sustainability

At the beginning of this year, Naïf launched the world's first circular face scrub with calcite granules (lime) produced by softening Amsterdam’s tap water. And at the moment there are plans for an adult sunscreen based on mineral UV filters. Naïf also wants to make the packaging more sustainable throughout the entire product line in the coming years. 

"We are incredibly happy with this investment,” says Sjoerd Trompetter, co-founder of Naïf. “It allows us to reach even more people with our mission and make even more impact. We want to show everyone that sustainability is quite normal and that lovely care products can also be very sustainable.”

About Naïf

When Jochem Hes and Sjoerd Trompetter had children in 2013, they found out that even baby skin care products contain ingredients that are harmful. Together they founded Naïf, a reliable skincare brand for babies, children and women that does not contain chemicals, parabens, microplastics or allergens. Naïf makes skincare products with ingredients that are friendly to people and the environment. Naïf also strives for sustainable and 100% recycled packaging, and a transparent plan for raw materials. At the moment, 80% of packaging is made of bioplastic. The target is zero waste in 2021. Naïf is sold in twelve countries, from the Netherlands, Belgium and Italy to Indonesia and Singapore. The products are used in child day-care centres, hospitals and hotels including the Four Seasons hotels. The products are also sold online. For more information, see

About DOEN Participaties

DOEN Participaties has been investing in innovative, sustainable and socially inclusive start-ups for almost twenty-five years. It is the ambition of DOEN Participaties to make the world greener and more socially inclusive. For this reason, impact is central to all investments. DOEN Participaties invests in the early phase of companies and dares to take risks. DOEN Participaties is wholly owned and managed by the DOEN Foundation. The DOEN Foundation was established by the Dutch Postcode Lottery to support innovative initiatives. For more information, see

About VenturesOne

VenturesOne works with ambitious and talented entrepreneurs to build successful and sustainable businesses. VenturesOne finances early-stage growth companies by providing capital, skills and knowledge and a strong international business network with offices in The Hague and Singapore.

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