April 15, 2019

Investment Director @ Opes Fund

OPES-LCEF is seeking a dynamic, self-motivated individual with deep experience in impact investment to become its new Investment Director.

The position has two primary functions – managing the investment and oversight process, and managing external relations, including fundraising:

1. Lead on the scouting of new opportunities, analyzing prospective investments, structuring and managing transactions, ensuring portfolio monitoring, actively managing relationships with portfolio companies. 

2. Lead on fund fundraising, communication and partnership strategies, with key priority of first 6 months being to raise money and build the fund’s profile amongst key stakeholders in Europe.

Opes Fund


OPES-LCEF is an impact vehicle registered in the UK. It is structured as a not-for -profit. The OPES -LCEF Early Stage Impact Fund deploys patient, hybrid capital to early stage businesses providing products and services to the disadvantaged in (primarily) East African population.  The fund is managed by a team run out of Milan, London and Nairobi, Kenya.

Its origins are as follows

The OPES Impact Fund is an investment vehicle established in 2013 that supports early stage social enterprises with capital to enable them to grow, become profitable and generate long-lasting social impact and alternative business models. OPES through a Milan based vehicle also invests in Italian ventures.

The LCEF is an impact vehicle established in 2008 to invest in and provide mentorship to early stage SMEs in emerging markets whose products or services provide savings and low carbon alternatives to low income consumers.   The LCEF has invested two funds and currently has 10 ventures in its portfolio.

In 2017, the OPES and LCEF Boards merged to create a new fund focused on investing in high impact SMEs concentrated on East Africa, with interests in broader sub-Saharan Africa and India. 

Responsibilities of the Investment Director

  • Responsible to the Board for the success of the fund: raising money, investing and managing the portfolio.
  • Taking the lead role in fund raising: preparing a strategy, meeting all key potential donors and maintaining links where appropriate.
  • Scouting for new investment opportunities consistent with the investment strategy and criteria defined by the Board of Directors
  • Responsibilities in the investment process: 
    • Lead on the preliminary analysis, business strategy, negotiations
    • Lead on relationships with counterparties such as co-investors, legal counsels, external advisors.
    • Support and review the operational, legal and financial due diligence and modeling
  • Prepare and communicate investment recommendations to be presented to the Investment Committee, actively participate to the IC activities
  • Ensure adequate post-closing activities, including portfolio monitoring and reporting are maintained
  • Actively manage relationships with investees
  • Actively manage relationships with other stakeholders
  • Identify and secure follow up technical support programmes to support portfolio companies as resources allow
  • Seeking opportunities to document and research impacts and learning from fund investments and experiences.


  • Required: 5+ years work experience in a transactional finance role, managing commercial lending / private equity transactions with SMEs
  • Required: exposure to emerging markets (preferably in the African region) and related issues such as political risks, legal & regulatory issues
  • Required: excellent written communication skills
  • Required: excellent business planning / financial planning / financial control skills
  • Preferred: previous direct experience with a management role in SMEs
  • Preferred: previous experience within the impact investment space
  • Preferred: knowledge of Italian language
  • Preferred: ability to live / work in East Africa / East African citizenship a plus.

The position will require extensive travel. The Investment Director will report to the Executive President (based in Milan), with whom s/he will keep very close and frequent interaction. Pay will be competitive and commensurate with the experience.

Please send CVs and cover letters of interest to elena.casolari@opesfund.eu and emma.caddy@opesfund.eu by 26 April 2019.

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