September 09, 2020

A Message from Roberta

Roberta Bosurgi web

“It is with immense pleasure that I take the role of CEO of EVPA; today I join not only a committed and talented team but a large network working together to redefine norms and demonstrate collaboration and solidarity in action.

I would like to thank Steven, Filipe and the Board for trusting me to lead EVPA on this next phase of the journey. I am impressed with the progress made by this vibrant community and, despite the challenges of operating in the current environment, I am excited to explore together the many opportunities ahead:

  • the unprecedented digital and technological revolution
  • the new set of stakeholders entering the ecosystem to bring value and drive impact
  • the new opportunities to scale impact through private-public partnerships

Covid-19 has exposed a multitude of inequalities and market failures in our economic system and challenged reality as we knew it. This is the time for our community to be true innovators and catalysts for change, becoming a true force in driving societal impact.

I believe we are at an inflection point, where striving for inclusive growth is no longer a matter of interest for a few committed individuals but an inevitable movement for the broader business community – we can lead the way...

So my call-to-action for us all is, “there is no time to lose – let’s get going!”

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