September 09, 2020

A Message from Steven

Steven Serneels web

As CEO of EVPA for the last 2.5 years, I feel privileged to have been able to get to know many of you so much better. I learned a lot and it was heart-warming to see your commitment and genuine drive for impact, the collegiality amongst all of you, and the professional dedication ‘to make it happen’. Our EVPA community can be proud of what it has achieved over the last 16 years.

Additionally, we were able to grow our extended community substantially, defined the Charter of Investors for Impact, and initiated or accelerated sub-communities for corporate social investors, foundations, funds and public-private actors. We also deepened the collaboration with partner networks in Europe, and sister organizations globally.

A big thank you goes to the very committed EVPA team.

Now that Covid-19 is magnifying the multiple cracks in our socio-economic system, I am convinced more than ever that our community has a vital role to play in further growing the Invest for Impact space, making sure resources are invested to create concrete and measurable societal impact.

I would also like to thank my board colleagues, and especially Filipe, as outgoing chair, for their invaluable support and great guidance in transitioning EVPA to this next level. As incoming chair, I feel thrilled and honored to continue working with this estimed board and to remain part of this vibrant community.

It is with great confidence and pleasure that I invite you to join me in welcoming our new CEO, Roberta Bosurgi. I realize it is a great asset to have Roberta on board in these exciting and challenging times. Her dedication towards the social cause, her inclusive approach and strong background, are all great assets to ensure EVPA’s success in the years to come.

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