October 07, 2020

Euclid launches the European Social Enterprise Monitor (ESEM) survey

Launching in 2020, the aim of the European Social Enterprise Monitor (ESEM) is to close the current gap on social enterprise data to inform decision-makers in government, civil society and the economy.

Euclid ESEM survey 2020 banner

On 21 September, Euclid announced the launch of the inaugural European Social Enterprise Monitor (ESEM) survey at the 2020 Social Enterprise World Forum. The Monitor provides an opportunity to impact-driven entrepreneurs to share their perspective and influence the next generation of social enterprise strategies, support, funding and investing policies and laws.

The overall aim is for the ESEM to communicate, support and promote the needs and interests of enterprises in the social and solidarity economy across Europe and beyond. ESEM will gather participants’ insights on social entrepreneurship and make them available for decision makers, government officials, investors, researchers and impact practitioners. Having more knowledge and a better understanding of the sector means that funding as well as EU and national policies can become better adjusted and more responsive to the needs of (aspiring) social entrepreneurs.

The in-depth data on social enterprises and start-ups across Europe will allow country partners to be more aware of each other’s policies. The European comparison and better mutual understanding will strengthen collaboration and facilitate practitioners to learn from each other. More effective social finance and social enterprise will accelerate reaching the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

Insights will contribute to the European Action Plan for the Social Economy designed by the European Commission and will drive the future of social enterprise and the social economy and be presented at the European Social Economy Summit #EUSES in Mannheim on 26-27 May 2021.

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