December 08, 2020

EVPA Newsletter December 2020 - Foreword by our CEO Roberta Bosurgi

Roberta Bosurgi 5

Dear members,

For this last newsletter of the year, I was keen to write a few words to close what has been an unprecedented and eventful year for our community and for the world in general.

As I write, most of Europe is impacted by a second wave of restrictions that will have profound and long-lasting consequences at personal, professional, and economic level. Many of us have lost dear ones, health systems are on the verge of collapsing, our younger generations have missed valuable time in education, several small businesses are struggling and might never recover, unemployment is exploding. In our cities, social unrest is simmering among the most vulnerable communities, shining light onto the asymmetric impact of this pandemic, risking to fracture our society further.

Despite all that, rays of solidarity have shined through; the philanthropy world has corralled providing access to funding at unprecedented speed, governments have stepped in, providing a safety net for fragile businesses and independent workers, corporates have joined in, role modelling flexible support for their staff, supporting local communities, mobilizing partnerships to accelerate recovery. In many cases, working together for a bigger purpose has helped moving things forward faster and reminded ourselves and the world of why our work matters.

Here at EVPA, our team has worked remotely for the most part of the year, our flagship events and training have been converted online, conversations and working groups had to be run via online meeting platforms, but we have continued connecting the ecosystem, our collaboration with many of you strengthened, new partnerships were built. I have been impressed by the team’s and this community’s resilience and by the digital agility demonstrated, but we missed you. We missed the opportunity to meet, network and co-design and I am sure I am not the only one to be tired of watching the world in 2-dimensions!

As we embark in 2021, I hope we will all take the time to look back and reflect on what led us to this point and what we can learn to rebuild. Hope we can be proud of how we have come together and aligned behind our purpose showing in action why our work matters.

I wish you and your families a well-deserved rest and I look forward to continuing working together to develop deeper partnerships and mobilizing resources to address the many challenges that remain to be solved.

Roberta Bosurgi
Chief Executive Officer EVPA

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