July 08, 2020

GECES: Voicing concerns and expectations of EVPA network to EU commissions’ policymakers

EVPA's participation in the GECES meeting of 18th June


On the 18th of June, EVPA participated in the meeting of the European Commission Expert Group on the Social Economy and Social Enterprises (GECES). EVPA is an active stakeholder in the GECES since 2013, a consultative expert group set up by the European Commission to examine the progress of measures improving access to finance for social enterprises, enhancing their visibility and optimising their legal environment. Click here to learn more about GECES roles and to check the discussions points from the last meeting.

We are glad to announce that during this recent meeting EVPA addressed the concrete needs of social economy organisations part of its network, and helped structure the discussions on the European Action Plan for Social Economy (2021 – 2026).

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