May 18, 2020

Lendahand is crowdfunding

Lendahand crowdfunding 052020

About Lendahand

Lendahand EVPA Member was founded in 2013, and our crowd of over 5,000 investors has provided over £70 million to empower our partner companies to create almost 7,500 jobs, build over 2,000 toilets, install nearly 60,000 solar systems, and reduce CO2 emissions by around 300,000 tonnes. Over the past 7 years, we have also repaid £40 million back to the crowd - demonstrating the scalability of our business model.

Lendahand iscrowdfunding themselves

Over the next 5 years, Lendahand has some ambitious goals to provide £300 million of investment to help deliver the critical finance needed to deliver on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. After the COVID-19 pandemic subsides it will be even more imperative that businesses can access the affordable finance they need to ensure that we #buildbackbetter and ensure the economies, particularly in emerging markets, are kick-started in a green and equitable way.

To deliver on this, Lendahand will be crowdfunding themselves via Seedrs from the 6th May - giving everyone the opportunity to invest from just £10 to help support our mission and become part-owners in Lendahand.

Why they're raising funds

In order to support their goals, they need to invest for growth in the following strategic areas:

1. Expanding the Lendahand team: they have a great team already but they need to hire even more people in strategic areas such as web development, growth, and marketing.

2. Providing significantly more great projects for people to invest: they need to future proof their investments team by adding in new capabilities and skills such as big data analysis, algo-lending, and machine learning in order to expand our ability to lend to even more impactful businesses.

3. Making their platform even better: they cannot stand still and need to constantly develop and innovate when it comes to the Lendahand platform to ensure they are delivering a great investor experience time after time after time.

4. Growing their investor base: they've established a marketing and growth blueprint for success and the resources from this investment raise will enable them to really accelerate our their activities across multiple geographies (Germany and other European markets) and channels to enable many more people across the continent to take meaningful action with their money when it comes to climate change and the SDGs, whilst targeting a financial return.

Please go directly to the lendahand campaign on seedrs to help create impact:

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