October 08, 2020

Phitrust receives the Special Investor Award at the 4th edition of the Grands Prix du Business and Responsible Governance Awards

EVPA Member Phitrust receives awards forheir most outstanding practices in governance and business.

Phitrust grands prix du business et de la gouvernance responsables 2020

“Les Rencontres du Capitalisme Responsable”, during which the 4th edition of the “Grands Prix du Business et de la Gouvernance Responsables” was held on 6 October 2020, organized under the aegis of the French Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Recovery, awarded the Grand Prix to the Atos Group and the Special Investor Award to Phitrust for their most outstanding practices in governance and business.

The whole Phitrust team is very happy and proud of this distinction which highlights a long term action as an investor and shareholder committed to impact! We would like to thank all the members of the Jury, its President and all the team of the Institut du Capitalisme Responsable founded by Caroline de La Marnière.

Olivier de Guerre, Chairman of Phitrust: “For those who still doubt it, the crisis will accelerate the awareness of managers, employees and shareholders that they must now take into account the social and environmental impacts of their companies. No longer as a CSR reporting obligation, but to be placed at the center of their business models, as a guarantee of their long-term sustainability. Schizophrenics for years under the influence of the Chicago School, we thought by separating investment and donation. It necessarily took one to make the other possible. The crisis forces us to broaden our vision and “integrate” profitability and impact. And therefore rethink our models in a coherent way. Whether you are a company or an investor. Our commitment strategy, initiated in 2003, encompasses more than ever this imperative to act as a shareholder committed to impact. The crisis is prompting us to accelerate and increase our assets under management

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