December 04, 2020

Rybakov Preschool Award

A global award for education community leaders by the Rybakov Foundation.

Rybakov Preschool Award 2020

On November 30th the Rybakov Foundation started collecting applications for the Rybakov Preschool Award. The contest aims to support people who develop child-centred preschool education and improve the educational environment. There will be 20 winners who will get $1,000 each and an invitation for the Summer School held by the foundation.

The Rybakov Preschool award has been held in Russia for five years and aims to create a sustainable community of professionals who build up an environment where children are happy and free to unlock their potential. This year an international award was launched. It aims to support people who positively govern the development of best practices in preschool and primary school education all over the world.

Everyone who develops the education community on a daily basis can take part in the competition. Applications must be submitted before 20 January 2021.

Key criteria for participation:

  • being an influencer with at least 1k followers
  • being an opinion leader in local preschool communities
  • being a partner with school communities
  • being a partner with public and private organizations

The project should demonstrate participants' organizational skills and the potential of the community. It should uncover the way of positive influence on education and demonstrate changes a participant has introduced. In particular, a project may be based on a proprietary methodology, some regular event, a media project, a social initiative, etc.

The Rybakov Foundation is a private philanthropic organization founded by Ekaterina and Igor Rybakov in 2015. The Foundation strives to create conditions in which any child can receive a sound academic background. The foundation supports kindergartens and schools that provide a seamless transition between educational levels and create a community in which children form a proactive attitude and foster 21st century skills.

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