June 30, 2020

The nationwide campaign "Help to study at home" starts mass fundraising in a partnership with the Rybakov Foundation


The nationwide campaign “Help to study at home” starts mass fundraising in a partnership with the Rybakov Foundation

06/30/2020, Moscow. - A donation button recently appeared on the website of the all-Russian campaign “Help to study at home”, which allows donating anyone who wants to support the campaign with any amount: https://помогиучитьсядома.рф/. The goal of the campaign is to provide schoolchildren with laptops or tablets for the proper education, including distance learning.

An opportunity of mass fundraising appeared with a help of the Rybakov Foundation, that became a partner of the campaign “Help to study at home”. Initially, only organizations or volunteers could support the campaign: it was possible to give computers and laptops, provide an access to the Internet or to help with the delivery of computers. Now the campaign is available for any donations, even for minimal ones from individuals.

The campaign “Help to study at home” was launched in April by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI) together with the political party “United Russia” and the Ministry of Education of Russia.

In April, the Rybakov Foundation independently purchased 500 laptops worth 10 million rubles and handed them over to schoolchildren from multi-child families in 11 regions. In May the Foundation launched a fundraising campaign on its website to continue providing schoolchildren with laptops. Now the Rybakov Foundation continues fundraising and supporting children in need of laptops in a partnership with ASI through the campaign “Help to study at home”.

Svetlana Chupsheva, Chief Officer of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives: “Even a small amount matter. With a help of a dozen of such transfers, we will be able to buy a tablet or a laptop, which means we will solve the problem of a multi-child or poor family, where due to the lack of resources, children cannot study online. In consequence of our partnership with the Rybakov Foundation everyone has received an opportunity to make a targeted donation simply and quickly.”

Ekaterina Rybakova, President of the Rybakov Foundation: “In April, the Rybakov Foundation launched an initiative to purchase laptops for schoolchildren. We met a great response - many people wanted to join. To develop the campaign, we launched the first fundraising campaign in the history of our Foundation. Now everyone can participate in our movement. It is important not only for those who are supported, but also for those who provide support. After all, when you help, you feel that a lot depends on you. It is what we consider to be our mission in the Foundation: to help ensure that the development of society with our own hands becomes the norm. We are very pleased that due to our partnership with ASI, the campaign will become infinitely open and more people will be able to take part in it.”

About the Agency for Strategic Initiatives

The autonomous non-profit organization Agency for Strategic Initiatives to Promote New Projects (www.asi.ru) was established by order of the Government of Russia dated August 11, 2011. The ASI Supervisory Board is chaired by Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Agency supports projects aimed at systemic changes in improving the business climate and supporting innovation, education and training, health and social services, regional and urban development. Among the key initiatives of ASI are the National Rating of the Investment Climate in the Regions, the Smarteka Best Practices Exchange Platform, the 100 City Leaders Program, the model for increasing the innovative openness of large companies and the National Technology Initiative platform.

About Rybakov

The Rybakov Foundation is a private philanthropic organization, created by Ekaterina and Igor Rybakov in 2015. The Foundation's mission is to create a tradition of developing society with our own hands. To carry out our mission, we have developed and adopted the concept of "School is the center of society" which will help to change the socio-educational environment in schools for the better. This kind of environment provides the background for a common, collective experience for all its participants. A school's teachers and parents, pupils and graduates, headteachers and associates are not divided into suppliers and consumers of information, knowledge, or services, but participate equally in the creation of a new educational experience. The creation of such an environment is not just a new way of doing things, but also a new way of thinking, about collective creativity, cooperation, and living together. To realize our mission, we have established the aim of providing high-quality education for everyone. This will be our investment into achieving the Sustainable Development Goal 4, set by the United Nations.

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