February 09, 2021

Applications open for RESPOND accelerator programme

The RESPOND Accelerator is looking for their next cohort of ten entrepreneurs to work on sustainable business models, innovation and responsible leadership.

Respond accelerator

Are you looking for an opportunity to take your sustainability startup to the next level?

The mission of the BMW Foundation's RESPOND Accelerator is to promote and scale solutions to the most pressing social, environmental, and economic challenges of our time.

It is the first accelerator programme that promotes both responsible leadership and sustainable business models in line with the UN 2030 Agenda.

RESPOND is looking for entrepreneurs who leverage cutting-edge technology and sustainable business models to systematically address one of three areas of innovation:

  • Future of Work
  • Sustainable Urbanization
  • Responsible Economy

They are excited about cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions that have already gained traction and have the potential to scale up globally.

If you want to advance the way you grow, lead and scale your sustainable business, apply here until 15 February 2021.

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