March 30, 2021

Argidius Foundation: Launch of "Digital Delivery: A digitalization guidebook for enterprise support organizations"

Argidius Foundation has launched their first knowledge product of 2021 on digitalization.

Argidius Digital Delivery Guidebook 2021

Argidius has designed this guidebook and accompanying tools to help organizations think through what level of digitalization is appropriate and how to go about planning and implementing it. They believe that much of its content would be helpful to other organizations thinking about this topic and aims to give it as a wide an exposure as possible.

This guidebook, developed together with Dalberg Advisors, has four parts:

  • Part One provides of background and context of this report and digitalization’s relevance to BDS
  • Part Two summarizes different potential digitalization pathways organizations may take and why, ranging from digital delivery as a complement to in-person delivery, through to a digital-first focus.
  • Part Three offers practical guidance on how to digitalize effectively
  • Part Four highlights additional resources for BDS providers on enterprise support and digitalization

The guidance offered in this report draws on lessons from BDS organizations across the sector that have shown initial signs of success in their digitalization journeys, as well as learnings from digital organizations in other sectors that offer insights into new possibilities and key success factors for BDS providers.

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