May 27, 2021

Cambridge Centre for Strategic Philanthropy (CSP) and EVPA launch collaborative study on research interests in emerging market philanthropy

EVPA has partnered with CSP in creating a research agenda that is aligned with the philanthropic needs and interests of those working in the Middle East, Africa, and Southeast Asia.

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This June, the Centre for Strategic Philanthropy at Cambridge Judge Business School will be collaborating with EVPA on a landmark investigation of research interests within emerging market philanthropy. CSP aims to organise focus groups to collect important market insights, building their research agenda based on the needs of philanthropic practitioners.

Why a focus group?

Since its inception in March 2020, the CSP has discovered a disconnect between the supply of academic research on philanthropy and the demand of practitioner needs. In essence, the research produced by academic institutions often does not serve the actual needs of those working within the sector, their intended end-users.

With this challenge in mind, CSP’s main aim is to create a research agenda that is both informed and led by industry perspectives. CSP intends to produce research that is both academically sound and also beneficial to practitioners in the philanthropic sector, by listening to the sectoral needs and calibrating research priorities accordingly.

Why a partnership?

EVPA community of investors for impact support SPOs along the spectrum of capital worldwide.

As shown in the 2020 Investing for impact survey, more than a third of European investors for impact have invested in Africa and Asia, while almost 20% in Latin America.

EVPA Survey 2020 geographic focus map

CSP will collect feedback on actual needs from those organisations that have always been on the frontline of innovating ways to tackle societal challenges beyond national borders.

Investors for impact will have access to a network of organisations with similar geographical focus and will work together to close the gap between academic research and market needs.

We invite to express your interest if you would like to take part to the focus group!

This focus group is dedicated to all European investors for impact interested in emerging markets.

To learn more about this important project, please contact Dr Shonali Banerjee, Peter Cafferkey and Ludovica Piergiovanni.

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