March 02, 2021

Impact investing fundraising advised by Nantucket Capital for Envie Autonomie recently closed

Envie Autonomie, advised by impact advisory firm and EVPA member Nantucket Capital, announces the closing of a €3.5m round of financing with impact investors, to begin the scaling of its activity in France


Envie Autonomie is a French social cooperative developing a solidary circular economy solution for the access for everyone to wheel chairs, medical beds, and other medical equipment for the autonomy of elderly and handicapped people.

Investors participating in the round are: solidarity funds (90/10 funds) of the three asset managers Mirova, Ecofi, and BNPP AM, Caisse des Dépôts-Banque des Teritoires, SHAM (Relyens Group, a leading european hospital insurer), France Active, Scopinvest, and La Nef.

Thanks to Envie Autonomie, people who until now abandoned the purchase of needed equipment due to economic reasons despite the Social Security system, are now able to buy reconditioned medical equipment at half the price of new equipment. Moreover, about 35% of the 200 000 devices which are thrown away each year in France will have a second life while the others will be recycled properly.

Envie Autonomie, a French Impact Pioneer, has managed to convince the Social Security System to begin the partial reimbursement of reconditioned equipment, paving the way for a widely developed circular distribution sytem of medical equipment in France.

For more information please contact Sonia Trocmé-Le Page, CEO Nantucket Capital or Philippe Robin, CEO Envie Autonomie

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