November 25, 2021

The Impact Management Platform


A major exercise of convergence and harmonisation of Impact Measurement and Management (IMM) initiatives and resources is embodied by the Impact Management Platform, a collaboration to mainstream the practice of impact management. The Platform is the continuation of the work carried out by the IMP Structured Network, formerly facilitated by the Impact Management Project (IMP), and is composed of leading international providers of sustainability standards and guidance (known as the Platform ‘Partners’).

The accompanying Impact Management Platform web tool aims to support practitioners to manage their sustainability impacts – including the impacts of their investments – by clarifying the actions of impact management, and explaining how standards and guidance can be used together to enable a complete impact management practice. The tool is designed to provide more clarity, making it the ‘go to’ for any investor or organisation wanting to manage impact and understand the IMM initiatives available in the ecosystem.

For this reason, the web tool presents a set of actions that structure the process of impact management. The actions help practitioners identify and organise the key elements of IMM. They are typically followed sequentially but are also iterative, and hence organisations may choose to focus on different actions depending on their own practice. The actions included are:

  • Governance, strategy and management approach
  • Set and revise objectives
  • Identify sustainability topics
  • Measure sustainability performance
  • Assess impact
  • Estimate value created
  • Verify
  • Integrate and act
  • Disclose
  • Benchmark
IM Platform

Following this structure, the Impact Management Platform provides an overview of relevant concepts, along with resources and materials from different IMM initiatives that are linked to each action.

The web tool also includes a list of relevant resources belonging to the Platform Partners. The resources can be filtered according to different actions, types of resources or type of audience, among others, to cater to a variety of objectives and organisational forms.

As the web tool is a product of the collaboration between international organisations that globally provide applicable, sector-agnostic standards and guidance, the resources listed on the site include the Operating Principles for Impact Management, the GRI Standards, the five dimensions of impact (agreed via the consensus building efforts of the IMP), the SDG Impact Standards and the Principles of Social Value, among others. All resources listed on the

Platform are freely available as a public good and have been through a process of public consultation.

The Impact Management Platform will routinely update the web tool based on user feedback and as the landscape of standards and guidance evolves. EVPA is committed to assess this opportunity in the coming months given the complementarities with its work on IMM.

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