February 09, 2021

Training Academy Curriculum & Website 2021 launched

Discover what we have in store for you in 2021!


The 98% satisfaction rate of our online courses in 2020 was an encouraging start to build on your feedback and design a fresh curriculum for 2021 to offer you the best and most interactive online learning formats possible, including brand-new formats. Have a look at our training curriculum 2021 on our new Training Academy website.

For our members exclusively, we offer introduction sessions throughout the year to help particularly new members to navigate through EVPA and the industry and impact strategies: The Lighthouse for Impact. Members will receive an invitation about this complimentary tailor-made opportunity we offer alongside our regular training.

Another brand-new format will be our Fundamental Online Training on Corporate Social Investing: an on-demand online course introducing you to the spectrum of investment practices of corporate foundations, corporate impact funds, and other corporate social investors. This course is for newly appointed or aspiring corporate social investors' staff, or corporate managers that want to understand how they can go beyond traditional CSR and invest for impact. This training will be launched in September 2021.

We will kick-off 2021 with two of our most popular courses: The Fundamental Online Training on Venture Philanthropy and Impact Investing offers in-depth insights into social investing, its core practices and impact strategies you need to take-off as an investor for impact. Two editions of our Social Impact Measurement and Management course will provide you with the tools to measure and manage your impact in a smart way and eventually to maximise it.

Our training on Financing for Social Impact will help you to better understand different financial instruments and how to use them effectively to support your investees in the best possible way.

If you hear about Investing for impact for the first time, then our Crash Course is a training you should not miss. Taking place during our Annual Conference, it is the perfect way to kick start your learning journey with us.

Any questions left about our programme? Or do you want to know more about one of our courses? Never hesitate to reach out to the Training Academy Team, we will be happy to help!

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