The Impact Papers

The Impact Papers

May 15, 2020
Trafigura Foundation ISWAN Credit Peter Cornelissen

Covid-19: A chance to put social impact on the corporate agenda once and for all?

Impact-driven initiatives easily fall off the list of corporate priorities. But the current crisis could change that – and corporate foundations and other corporate social investors are uniquely place...

April 08, 2020
PP EVPA Impact Decoded teaser 0

Impact Decoded: How the core principles of investing for impact can help us fund smart through uncertain times

With funding for innovative solutions in greater demand than ever, investors for impact can play a vital role. But what sets them apart from other capital providers – and how can they make best use of...

March 30, 2020
Deirdre Mortell

The investee who changed me: “Mary Brigid introduced me to the tremendous leaders in the Traveller community”

Meeting a social investor can be game-changing for an entrepreneur – but sometimes the lightbulb moment is even more dazzling for the one controlling the cash. In partnership with Pioneers Post, we're...

October 29, 2019
Ann Branch portrait

Accelerating change: an EU policy-maker’s perspective of social finance

In the latest in this series asking honest questions about investing for impact, the European Commission’s Ann Branch takes a step back to consider the role of public policy. Social investment is rapi...

October 23, 2019
Robert Manz

The investee who changed me: “That lunch turned an idea into reality”

Meeting the right investor can be game-changing for a social enterprise – but how does the relationship affect those putting down the funds? In partnership with EVPA, we're inviting social investors t...

October 14, 2019
Rsz 1uli grabenwarter pic

The devil in 'investment opportunities': Why funding solutions must be the new paradigm in impact investing

Seeking impact investing ‘opportunities’, no matter how thorough our search, will always mean a focus on targeted returns for an investor, with impact a secondary interest, argues the European Investm...

September 30, 2019
Jacqueline Novogratz

Betting on character – and why investment must be a means not an end

Find entrepreneurs driven by values and invest in them early, help them through the journey and hold them to account, make the capital fit the problem, measure what matters and make success something ...

September 17, 2019
Piet Colruyt latest

The investee who changed me: “AFRIpads made me realise you have to focus”

An injection of capital can be game-changing for a social enterprise – but what about the effect of that relationship on those putting down the funds? Our new mini-series, in partnership with EVPA, in...

September 09, 2019
Harvey Koh

Hype vs reality: What India taught me about investing for impact

Microfinance is often heralded as the great impact investing success that other sectors should replicate, but the reality isn’t so clear-cut. In the fifth instalment of our Impact Papers series, Harve...


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