This practical guide to planning and executing an exit explores the issues and decisions that VP/SI practitioners and SPOs need to consider and decide on when planning and executing an exit. The guide outlines a five step action plan to develop an exit strategy and implement it for specific investments, and ensure social impact is maintained or the loss of social aims reduced.

Key Findings

Case Studies

Below you will find the Report’s case studies on how practitioners have experienced exits in greater detail. The cases illustrate the realities of practicing VP and SI; we are all learning by doing!

Each case starts by describing the VPO and the key exit considerations determined in step 1, followed by a description of the SPO. The steps 2 to 5 of the exit strategy process are then discussed.

Finally, the key challenges and the lessons learnt from each case are presented.


Below you will find a number of interviews with practioners and EVPA staff on the Exit process, including the AVPN Webinar Recording: Managing Exits – What is your exit plan? addressing issues related to exit planning and management as well as how to sustain the social impact you have helped to create once your partnership ends. Speakers include EVPA’s Priscilla Boiardi and Ferd Social Entrepreneurs Øyvind Sandvold.

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