Policy Webinar #3 | Social Impact Bonds in the EU


EVPA’s third Policy Webinar took place on the 5th of March 2015.

Social Impact Bonds (or SIBs) are a results-based form of social impact investment, whereby private investors provide capital to launch or expand innovative social services that deliver a public good. If the expected social benefits are achieved at the end of a given period, investors recover their capital plus a rate of return, negotiated upfront with public authorities and varying with the level of results achieved. The rationale behind this reimbursement relies on the principle that the SIB ultimately gives rise to a reduction in public spending. On the contrary, if the social targets are not met, investors don’t retrieve their capital, which is then to be considered as a grant.

The PowerPoint presentation of this webinar can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

Increasingly used in the United Kingdom since the “Peterborough pilot”, as well as in the United States and Australia, various SIBs are now also being launched in a number of European countries. Are SIBs implemented differently across the EU? Are the incentives the same in Western, Northern, Eastern or Southern Europe? What are the pros and cons of such instruments?

Sib Model
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