Policy Webinar #6 | Crowdfunding for Impact


EVPA’s sixth Policy Webinar took place on the 16th of March 2016.

Since the launch of the first online platforms in the late 90’s, the crowdfunding industry has grown steadily and today represents a market of 30 billion EUR, doubling or more every year. Increasingly popular as a means of raising finance from a diverse pool of potential backers, crowdfunding provides an alternative source of financing for any kind of businesses that may otherwise struggle to secure financing from more traditional sources.

The PowerPoint presentation of this webinar can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

And this is also the case of a growing number of traditional charities and social entrepreneurs, who can now resort to crowdfunding platforms that are exclusively catering for social purposes…

How easy is crowdfunding to use and how can it meet the needs of social purpose organisations? Is it worth the time and effort? What are the different funding models available? And what are the regulatory issues to consider?

These and other questions were tackled by EU experts and VP/SI practitioners in EVPA’s last Policy Webinar on “Crowdfunding for Impact”, which took place Wednesday the 16th of March 2016.

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