EVPA Impact Strategies Journey

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What is the EVPA Impact Strategies Journey?

In November 2018, we published the report "Impact Strategies – How Investors Drive Social Impact", marking an important step forward in the process of clearing the air around risk, return and impact. It describes in concrete terms the difference between two impact strategies: “investing for impact” and “investing with impact”.

We are now in the process to collect feedback form the space, feel free to share your inputs by participating to the discussion! 

EVPA is committed to be the prime supporter and convener of the community of investors for impact in Europe. Investing for impact means supporting and co-developing innovative solutions to pressing social issues, taking on risks that no other actor in the market can take – or is willing to take. Investors for Impact have a role to play in testing such solutions and bringing them to the market; and team up with investors with impact to generate a collective impact at scale and achieve global change.

We are on a journey to explore what this all means for our members and for the overall impact ecosystem.

EVPA Impact Strategy Paper and Thought Leaders series

To kick off this journey, today we publish “Investing for Impact – EVPA Impact Strategy Paper”, outlining our plan and giving more details on who investors for impact are.

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This paper serves as an introduction for a series of articles written by thought leaders who will share their opinions and co-shape this impact strategies journey with us. These thought leaders include:

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What can you do and why should you contribute?

We now invite YOU to share your experience and feedback about impact strategies. Your input will be used to draft the “EVPA Manifesto of investors for impact”, which will include a few statements that define investors for impact in Europe. At our Annual Conference in November, we will then publish the “EVPA Roadmap for investors for impact”, outlining our strategy to support this community in Europe.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be a co-traveller with us and move this space forward together!
To do so, we invite you to send us your thoughts using the online form (bottom  below) or to get in touch with Alessia Gianoncelli, our Research Manager, at agianoncelli@evpa.eu.com

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