Policy Webinar #15: Incubators and Accelerators: Bridging the Gap for New Impact Ventures in Europe

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On 6 March 2019, MAZE and EVPA organised a webinar about Incubators and Accelerators, with case studies from Bethnal Green Ventures, Fondazione Social Venture GDA, and Katapult Accelerator.


The European Commission has identified four main gaps that are limiting the potential for innovation for Europe’s entrepreneurs. The gaps refer to funding, namely (1) the inability of public policies to bridge the gap with private investment; (2) awareness, and the consequent need to have flagship initiatives and anchor investors; (3) scale, suggesting that to guarantee that Europe is competitive at a global level, initiatives should take place at a continental rather than national level; and (4) talent, specifically role models that encourage a culture of risk-taking and empowerment through entrepreneurship.

Moreover, EVPA’s assessment of European Social Finance ecosystems concluded that one of the main limitations of the social enterprise scene in Europe, across geographies, is the lack of investment-ready pipeline, creating a mismatch between the demand and supply in the market.

One mechanism to address these challenges are capacity-building initiatives, through incubatorsaccelerators and other arrangements, which aim to support early-stage ventures focused on social innovation. If these initiatives work efficiently, they will better prepare social enterprises for the market and create conditions for them to scale.

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