Alexia Penent d'Izarn

Manifesto Director, Danone

About Alexia Penent d'Izarn

Alexia Penent is Manifesto Director for Danone, headquartered in France.

Alexia is leading Danone’s bold strategic transformational journey, one which places purpose at its core: the purpose of making “the Manifesto for a better Health & a better Planet” a human & business reality, of engaging 100,000 employees and the business, of changing the practices and behaviors worldwide.

With 20 years of FMCG experience at different leading positions and within different organizations across the world (business, corporate, funds), both in innovation –product, entrepreneurship, inclusive business models– and in sustainability –people, planet–, Alexia has developed a unique signature, powered by her passion for change management: sustainability as a lever for innovation and business transformation.

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