Chris West

Partner, Sumerian Partners

About Chris West

Chris completed his Doctorate in Ecology at the University of Oxford. He then set up his own business in the environmental services sector.

Following the successful UK and international growth of this company, he took on the position of senior environment adviser at the UK Department for International Development. As an adviser to UK Ministers he worked with a wide variety of donors, governments, NGO’s and corporates in over 60 developing countries and emerging economies. Chris was involved in early discussions around the creation of the Shell Foundation and joined soon after its launch in 2000 as Deputy Director. He managed the Foundation as Director until early 2015. In this role he reinforced an “enterprise-based” approach to catalysing scalable and sustainable solutions to global development challenges, and the “shared value” concept of corporates in society. As a pioneer in venture philanthropy, Chris has led in founding and scaling-up a range of social enterprises.

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