Dominik Domnik

Head of Corporate Development, Social Entrepreneurship Akademie

About Dominik Domnik

In July 2011 when the Social Entrepreneurship was barely half a year up and running, Dominik first joined the team by helping with fundraising. Gradually, when the organisational development took up more traction he took over the responsibility to secure SEA`s and GESS finances.

Dominik studied Business and Economics at the University of St. Gallen (HSG), Switzerland, and received his PhD from St.Gallen and the Stockholm School of Economics. Leaving university, Dominik joined a family office to work on monitoring and building seed and impact investments. Simultaneously, he became CEO of MyHandicap Foundation Switzerland and later on CEO international of the same foundation. Also Dominik was heading the initiative to establish the Center for Disability and Integration (CDI-HSG) in St.Gallen. Some years later he co-founded the Zurich-based Social Entrepreneurship Initiative & Foundation (seif), a capacity building and consulting organisation for social ventures. Always interested in advancing the field and building an effective ecosystem Dominik also acts as the Social Entreperneuship Akademie`s liaison manager to the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt and serves on the advisory board of Global Social Entrepreneurship Network.

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