Jos Verhoeven

Managing Director and Co-Founder, Start Foundation

About Jos Verhoeven

Jos Verhoeven(1961) is managing director (and co-founder)of Start Foundation in the Netherlands. Start Foundation is a venture philanthropist who invests in SME’s in order to preserve and or create new jobs for disadvantaged people. Thereby Start Foundation also invests in social firms and in projects and programmes aiming for an accessible labor market. In 2015 Jos Verhoeven was elected Hollands most influential person in Dutch philanthropy. Jos Verhoeven studied labor market strategies and management in the social economy. He is well known for his commitment and outspoken opinions. He is also founder of the National Dutch business network ‘De Normaalste Zaak‘ (Business as usual). This network binds private companies that are operating their businesses whilst employing disadvantaged people. In September 2017 500 companies are members of this network. Since this year he is also the representative of the US based Greyston Bakery in Holland.

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