Katinka Greve Leiner

Director, Ferd Social Entrepreneurs

About Katinka Greve Leiner

Katinka Greve Leiner has been the Director of Ferd Social Entrepreneurs since its establishment in 2009. Katinka came from the position as Vice President of Innovation Norway.

She was in charge of the Entrepreneurship area when Innovation Norway was established in 2002, also featuring in an entrepreneurial TV-show "Skaperen" (a Norwegian twist on the "Dragons Den"). Katinka was previously a Communications Consultant at Burson-Marsteller Norway. She has also been a Political Advisor for the Labour Party's Parliamentary group, and senior engineer in the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate. She graduated in 1991 as a civil engineer in Electric power from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Currently, she is also a board member at Den Sociale Kapitalfond (the Social Capital Fund in Denmark).

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