Marie-Elie Aboul-Nasr

Media Partnerships Development, Sparknews

About Marie-Elie Aboul-Nasr

Marie-Elie Aboul-Nasr worked on different projects before joining Sparknews, including consulting, and in various types of organisations, ranging from the ILO to multinational corporations.

Marie-Elie studied at ESSEC Business School, where she majored in Urban Economics, and she holds an undergraduate degree in Geography and Planning. Over the years, Marie-Elie has been lucky enough to travel for extended periods (Lebanon, Siberia, India, Morocco…) as well as live in different countries (UK, France, Switzerland, USA). Marie-Elie joined Sparknews in 2014 and manages networks of 80 media. Her goal is to bring more newsrooms into the discussions around solutions journalism and create alliances for them to produce incredible content around social impact.

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