Pedro Castillo

Institutional Relations Director, Promotora Social Mexico

About Pedro Castillo

Pedro is an industrial engineer focused on strategic partnerships, fundraising, corporate affairs and government relations. His career has been developed mainly in Civil Society Organizations such as Telethon Foundation México and Un Kilo de Ayuda in the development of early childhood.

He has been serving several strategic and operational functions as part of the committee executive of Un Kilo de Ayuda for more than 12 years. He has been a volunteer in several organizations from an early age, he is part of the founding team of Promotora Social Mexico, where he has played several roles in the areas of communication, business development, philanthropy and institutional relations, leading the efforts of the organization to develop the social entrepreneurship and impact investing ecosystem in Mexico.

He is a member of the Board of Mass Challenge Mexico, Chair of the ANDE advisory Board in Mexico, member of the National Advisory board on Impact investing, member of the Board of Systema B Mexico among other responsibilities.

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