Roberto Navas

Executive Director, Fundación Arturo y Enrica Sesana

About Roberto Navas

Mr. Navas currently manages a Family Office and serves on the board of several foundations and non-profit organizations, aiming to encourage more strategic philanthropy in Colombia.

Roberto is a Colombian lawyer and wealth advisor that focuses on “ending idle capital”. His commitment is to help families accomplish the full potential of their wealth, not only in terms of financial returns but mainly through strategic philanthropy, impact investing and education.

Among those organizations are Fundación Arturo & Enrica Sesana, Filantropía Transformadora, Fundación Cosme & Damian, Fundación Fiambre, PEYDI and Malteser Colombia. Leading Fundación Arturo & Enrica Sesana, he developed the scoring and screening process for assessing grant requests and has devised innovative ways of helping community organizations in attaining sustainability.

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