Rogier van der Weerd

Director of Programs, Adessium Foundation

About Rogier van der Weerd

Rogier van der Weerd serves as director of programs at Adessium Foundation. In this role, he has contributed to the development and management of the foundation’s Public Interest program.

The portfolio of grants within this program is geared towards strengthening cross border investigative journalism, organisations that push for press freedom and access to information as well as a range of organisations that engage in public interest advocacy.

Rogier van der Weerd received his master of science degree in aerospace engineering from Delft University of Technology in Delft, The Netherlands. Before Mr. Van der Weerd joined Adessium Foundation in 2009, he was an associate partner for health care at management consulting organisation Boer & Croon. Prior to that, he was employed by the Monitor Group, an American strategy consulting firm, where he served as case team leader for consulting engagements in a variety of industries.

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