Sayida Goedhoop

Program Director/Manger, Stichting Nieuw Thuis Rotterdam/Stichting De Verre Bergenam

About Sayida Goedhoop

Sayida Goedhoop worked as a sr. program manager at Stichting de Verre Bergen, a Rotterdam-based venture philanthropy organization, since 2012.

She developed a number of programs in the area of education as well as arts and culture. Empowerment and development of marginalized groups in society is a key theme in her work. Since the end of last year Stichting de Verre Bergen developed the program Nieuw Thuis Rotterdam (New Home Rotterdam) which is a comprehensive approach towards the integration of newcomers. By investing early on in housing and integration of refugees, the program aims for social return for the city of Rotterdam. Sayida was recently appointed director of Stichting Nieuw Thuis Rotterdam.

Sayida has a background in International Business Administration and holds a master degree in Finance & Investment from RSM Erasmus University. She started her career as a strategy consultant at Strategy& (part of PWC).

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