Sophie Faujour Le Bon

France Country Representative, EVPA

About Sophie Faujour Le Bon

Sophie Faujour Le Bon joined EVPA in April 2016.  Sophie is spreading the knowledge of Venture Philanthropy and Social Investment in France and Portugal. Lately, she has taken a broader role in on boarding European Corporates in EVPA Corporate Initiative. She is also very active in market building efforts locally through her contribution to the National Advisory Board for Impact Investing in France.

Before, she was a Director at BNP Paribas Wealth Management - Business Development team. She outlined a new strategy for Ultra High Net Worth Individuals & Family Offices to promote Philanthropy & Social Responsible Investment products and services. Prior to that, she acquired more than 20 years’ experience in Wealth management and Investment banking industry conducting fund raising for strategic clients of BNP Paribas in Europe (Paris and Geneva), North (NY) & South Americas (Brazil) and Asia (Shanghai).

She speaks French, English, Portuguese & Russian. She has a Master in Finance and Management.

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