Wolfgang Hafenmayer

Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Challenger 88

About Wolfgang Hafenmayer

Challenger 88 aims for a world in balance. Challenger 88 achieves this through two main strategies:

- By inspiring and advising families, foundations, impact funds and companies how to create positive impact according to their values across all asset classes

- By investing in strongly growing companies with outstanding environmental and social solutions

Since leaving LGT Venture Philanthropy (today LGT Impact Ventures), Challenger 88 advised serveral companies, funds and foundations around impact investing topics. Among the larger engagements, Wolfgang took an ad-interim role as “Head of Societal Impact Advisory for Trusted Family” to build their Societal Impact Advisory area and advise Trusted Family’s 100 large family clients around impact investing topics (education, strategy & implementation).

Challenger 88 also supported Global Acceleration Partners, an innovative investment company that invests in companies with outstanding, proven environmental technologies that can help to solve our biggest environmental challenges gloablly.

From 2007 – 2014 Wolfgang built LGT Venture Philanthropy from scratch, with the financial support of the Princely Family of Liechtenstein. LGT VP is recognized by the industry as one of the global leaders in impact investing. Wolfgang managed a team of 30 investment managers and impact investing advisors on five continents who invested in strongly growing companies with outstanding social and environmental impact. End of 2014 around 7 million less advantage people benefit from the around 50 portfolio companies of LGT VP. A growing number of clients enjoyed the advice and investment skills of the global LGT VP team with significant local expertise, networks and experience. If you want to get inspired, please enjoy www.lgtvp.com.

Before starting LGT Venture Philanthropy in 2007, Wolfgang gained rich experience in the industry as an investment manager with BonVenture, the first social venture fund in german-speaking Europe and helped set up Forma Futura, a sustainable asset management company. Previously, he was the executive director of the IT and management consulting firm Consileon and also worked for the consultancy Bain & Company.

During a trip around the world he interviewed 230 social entrepreneurs, politicians and scientists in 26 countries and recorded his findings in his book "Die Zukunftsmacher/The FutureMaker". Wolfgang Hafenmayer holds a masters degree in economics and business administration from the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland.

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