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Sharing best practices in policy initiatives for social across Europe

What is the EVPA National Policy Nexus?

Started in 2016, the National Policy Nexus aims to showcase best practices of national initiatives led by one of our members in collaboration with the public sector or financial institutions. The case studies are short and meant to clarify sometimes complex financial mechanisms with graphs and practical examples.

We are always looking for new cases to publish. If you are an EVPA member and would like to have a best practice published, click here for more information

Nexus - Case Studies

EVPA National Policy Nexus 2020 ES Seed Capital Bizkaia cover small

Seed Capital Bizkaia (Spain)

With the participation of other public and private agents, Seed Capital Bizkaia has managed to actively strengthen the position of social entrepreneurs in the Biscay region and offer tailored support according to their stage of development and their financial needs. Download the case study to learn more about their initiative: Entrepreneurship and Social Impact Fund (FEIS).

EVPA National Policy Nexus 2020 IE Innovate Together Fund cover

Innovate Together Fund (Ireland)

Rethink Ireland believes that innovation and a cross-sectoral approach are the two keys needed to unlock solutions for the COVID-19 crisis. Download the case-study to learn more about their new initiative on tackling COVID-19: Innovate Together Fund.

EVPA National Policy Nexus 2020 FR BNP Paribas SI Bs

BNP Paribas' Social Impact (France)

BNP Paribas is taking a step forward in impact investment, adjusting their traditional financial expertise to the needs of social enterprises under a strong private-public cooperation at the national and European level. Download the case study to learn more about their latest SIBs!

EVPA National Policy Nexus 2020 UK small

Social Bridging Finance (The UK)

The Robertson Trust developed and are evaluating the Social Bridging Finance model to improve the quality of life in Scotland! Download the case study to learn more about this innovative collaboration with the public sector.

EVPA National Policy Nexus 2020 NL Brabant Outcomes Fund cover small

The Brabant Outcomes Fund (The Netherlands)

The Brabant Outcomes Fund does not only exist to provide SPOs with upscaling tools; it aims to transform government systems towards integrated policy making!

More case studies

Click here to see the 2017-2018 Nexus case studies

Share your policy initiatives

EVPA is looking for other examples* of policy initiatives across Europe in support of social investments and the social economy sector at large.

As we are renewing the EVPA National Policy Nexus launched in 2016, we would like to showcase noteworthy policy measures and initiatives that have been proven to be a success and that have the scope of being scalable or replicable in other countries.Examples can range from specific projects, to organisations, a wider ecosystem, national regulations or partnerships, etc.

If you know a best practice and you would like to give it more visibility** in order to build a strong social investment ecosystem throughout Europe, please don’t hesitate to send an email to Bianca Polidoro, policy manager, at

*Please note that you must be a member of EVPA to be featured in this project

**Concretely, EVPA will draft a text after an exploratory call with your organisation, which will upon your approval be promoted through various EVPA media channels

Contact for more info

Bianca Polidoro , Senior Policy and EU Partnerships Manager, EVPA

Cătălina Papari , Policy and EU Partnerships Associate, EVPA

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