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Centrica Innovations Lab is the UK’s first impact investment fund with a focus on energy. They believe that energy entrepreneurs have a vital role to play in building a better society and we’re here to help them achieve their potential.

Centrica Innovations Lab invests people and money into emerging and mature organisations that have a clear vision of how they benefit society. By focusing on energy, they are driving innovation at every point of the energy chain - from sourcing and generation through to supply, service and saving energy. And by investing in social enterprises, Centrica Innovations Lab is making a positive impact on employment income, housing and local communities.

In collaboration with Centrica, they will be providing funding of £10 million over the next ten years, and will make investments in the UK of between £50k and £2m.

Centrica Innovations is a supporter of the EVPA Corporate Initiative.

Centrica Innovations

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