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Tuesday, 24 January

Impact Investing Congress 2017

The constant and fast growth of impact investing during the last few years shows its future economic potential, especially as it continues to attract more capital and opportunities for investment and financial products.

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Thursday, 26 January

What is ahead for the European Venture Philanthropy and Social Investment sector? The EVPA Survey 2015/2016

EVPA’s webinar will be looking at what is ahead for the European Venture Philanthropy and Social Investment sector.


Wednesday, 08 February

How to do good - travels in inspirational philanthropy

How to do good is a tour of  events which celebrate the launch of the new book “How to do good - Essays on Building a Better World” - a collection of personal stories from thought leaders, celebrities, statesmen and women, Nobel prize winners, social entrepreneurs, philanthropists and others, that are driving and inspiring positive change. 

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Thursday, 16 March

Social impact measurement: the fundamentals

What is it? 

Social impact measurement is a fundamental part of the work of each social investor. No matter what sector you are active in, or which beneficiaries you aim to serve, as a social investor you will need to start measuring the impact you are generating, to better use your resources.

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Friday, 17 March

Social impact management workshop: advanced training

What is it? 

This workshop aims at helping you learn to manage your social value. Even better; no matter the size of your organisation and resources, or those of your beneficiaries, impact management can be both feasible and of real value-add for your organisation and can drive great cost savings and organisational change. 

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