European Commission Partnership
Promoting social enterprise finance

In 2014 EVPA and the European Commission (DG Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion) entered into a 4-year Partnership Agreement for the promotion of social enterprise finance. Find out more on how we're strengthening the European venture philanthropy and social investment sector.

More cooperation, more social impact

The European Commission Partnership was awarded under the Commission’s Programme for Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI), a programme fostering cooperation with pan-European networks.

The Partnership recognises the role EVPA plays as a European network advocating societal impact through venture philanthropy (VP) and social investment (SI). The Partnership also reinforces the link between the European institutions and VP/SI practitioners. 


Under this Partnership with the European Commission, EVPA is undertaking a number of activities aimed at strengthening the European VP/SI sector:

  • Supporting the Commission in its outreach activities at European, national and local level
  • Reinforcing the capacity of the network’s members
  • Voicing the concerns and expectations of organisations facilitating access to finance
  • Provide data and conduct research on developments in the sector

Find out more about:

2017 activities under the EU Partnership Agreement

EVPA and EU Policy

Through its 4-year Partnership with the European Commission, EVPA is increasingly becoming a European thought leader in the area of policy.

© European Union, 2016   /  Source: EC - Audiovisual Service   /   Photo: Etienne Ansotte

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