A key dimension for the venture philanthropy sector in Europe

Policy is key for the venture philanthropy and social investment sector. Find out here more about EVPA's policy work which aims at promoting a conductive environment for more social impact

EVPA plays a crucial role in promoting effective EU and national  policies that support a well-functioning ecosystem for societal impact. Informing its members about EU policy initiatives and voicing their concerns and expectations is central to EVPA’s policy work, as well as highlighting and sharing national policy initiatives.

European Thought Leadership

EVPA closely monitors and communicates EU developments of relevance to the Venture philanthropy (VP) and social investment (SI) sector. The input of its members is essential to support EVPA and the European institutions in the promotion of a conducive policy environment for its members and the social purpose organisations (SPOs) they support.

Overview of EU Funding for Social Entrepreneurship

EVPA has elaborated an infographic, which maps several key recent and ongoing funding programmes and instruments provided by the EU, that can be used by Venture Philanthropy Organisations (VPOs). Including a brief overview of each initiative, as well as links to concrete applications of their successful use, this tool aims to bring some clarity to the European funding landscape in support of social enterprises. 

EU Webinar Series and Policy Briefs

Interested in better understanding policy-related matters in the VP/SI space? Since 2014, EVPA’s EU Webinar Series offers an interactive occasion to learn from our community of practitioners and policy makers. Accessible to all for free, EVPA regularly organises EU Webinars, stay tuned here!

In 2018, we started publishing policy briefs to explain complex policy-related topics and their implications for the VP/SI sector, such as:

European Consultations 

EVPA plays a key role in shaping a well-functioning ecosystem through its contribution to European consultations. For instance, EVPA has contributed to the revision process of the Regulation on European Social Entrepreneurship Funds (EuSEF).

GECES Expert Group

EVPA is an active stakeholder to the GECES, a consultative expert group set up by the European Commission to examine the progress of measures improving access to finance for social enterprises, enhancing their visibility and optimising their legal environment.

European Commission Partnership

In 2014, EVPA signed a four-year Partnership with the European Commission (DG EMPL), confirming its importance as a European level network active in the promotion of access to finance for social enterprises.

National Policy Nexus

EVPA works to assist its members to gain a better understanding of national policy landscapes, while also enabling best policy sharing across countries.

EVPA Policy Committee

EVPA’s team benefits from the expertise of a high-level Policy Committee. 

Position Paper

EVPA is proud to announce the publication of its first position paper. Taking stock of more than a decade of activity of the association, this document seeks to clearly assert EVPA’s role in the social entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem.

Against the backdrop of growing interest in venture philanthropy and the proliferation of relevant policy initiatives at the European level, the position paper defines venture philanthropy as an indispensable tool, and EVPA as a key partner, in unleashing the potential of social entrepreneurship and innovation in Europe.

For more details about our policy work, you can write to us at policy@evpa.eu.com.


Contact for more info

Bianca Polidoro , Policy Manager, EVPA

Priscilla Boiardi , Knowledge Centre and Policy Director, EVPA


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