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EVPA organises numerous events throughout the year, for both members and non members. Have a look and see when you can join us! 

EVPA Events

Tuesday, 11 May

For our members who recently joined EVPA, we are offering this programme to on-board the community and get a comprehensive introduction into EVPA as organisation, but also into the investing for impact ecosystem.

Partner/Sector Events
Virtual Investor Pitching Event 2021

Tuesday, 11 May

As part of the Making More Health Accelerator, Ashoka invites you to a Virtual Investor Pitching Event on May, 11th - 12-3pm CEST. Ashoka and Boehringer Ingelheim will be hosting an investor event for potential investors, funders and collaborators to learn about, explore and engage with some of the most transformative healthcare innovations in Africa.

Investing for Development 2021 May

Wednesday, 12 May

The objective of this E-Talk is to provide a brief introduction into the growing field of innovative (development) finance, present two selected use cases and examples to illustrate how innovative finance mechanism can be applied and to discuss which role investing for impact might play in innovative (development) finance. The event is the first of a series of EVPA events on investing for development.

Webinar Series for CEE 5 May 2021

Thursday, 13 May

The next CEE Webinar will explore pressure on banking from technology disruption, greater regulation and an ultra-low-interest-rate environment that has started prior to COVID-19 and has accelerated over the last year. What is the role of banks in financing the transition to a green economy and more just economy? Is the banking sector in CEE ready for more restrictive ESG reporting and new, more ethical solutions?

CI Collective Corporate Impact Strategies webinar 2021 speaker visual

Wednesday, 19 May


Join this webinar to hear from pioneering organisations how they are combining different financial instruments, investment strategies and organisation types to take their impact to the next level.

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