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Webinar | Innovative financing mechanisms for social impact – Perspectives from Latin America and Europe


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Webinar | Innovative financing mechanisms for social impact – Perspectives from Latin America and Europe

Latimpacto is about to publish the Spanish and Portuguese translations of EVPA’s report “Financing for Social Impact – The key role of tailored financing and hybrid finance”. As part of this launch, EVPA and Latimpacto joined forces to host a webinar to present the translated reports and to grasp the main aspects of hybrid finance.

During this webinar, experienced practitioners illustrated different examples of innovative financing mechanisms (e.g. social impact bonds, social success notes, social outcome funds) to engage different stakeholders and mobilise additional resources in order to create a greater social impact. Examples from different geographies were discussed and participants had the opportunity to engage in the conversation and ask questions to the speakers.

Webinar Recording

Click here to download the slides


  • Welcome - Alessia Gianoncelli, Head of Knowledge Centre, EVPA
  • Introduction on Latimpacto and Global Movement - Carolina Suárez, CEO, LatImpacto
  • Introduction to the report “Financing for Social Impact” - Alessia Gianoncelli
  • The case of Social Finance - Marta Garcia, Director and Co-lead, Social Finance
  • The case of Wright Capital Wealth Management - Alexandre Lindebojm, Founding Partner, Wright Capital Wealth Management
  • Q&A - moderated by Alessia Gianoncelli
  • Closing and conclusions - Carolina Suárez

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Meet the speakers

Alessia Gianoncelli

Alessia Gianoncelli - EVPA

With almost a decade of experience in the social investment space, Alessia is the Head of Knowledge, Community and Market Development at EVPA. As part of her role, she is responsible for research activities, content development, data collection, community engagement and market building.

Carolina Suárez

Carolina Suárez - LatImpacto

Carolina is CEO of LatImpacto, the Latin America Venture Philanthropy Network, a regional community of social investors that connects and mobilizes capital (human, intellectual, and financial) committed to achieving the most significant social and environmental impact.

Alexandre Lindenbojm

Alexandre Lindenbojm - Wright Capital Wealth Management

Alexandre has over 26 years of experience in the field of law and taxation and has worked in the areas of M&A and wealth management, succession and tax planning in Brazil and abroad. As well as being one of the founding partners of Wright Capital Wealth Management, he was a partner at Vinci Partners in the area of wealth management from 2011 to 2014.

Marta Garcia

Marta Garcia - Social Finance

Marta Garcia is a Director and Co-lead of Social Finance’s International team, with direct responsibilities for Social Finance’s work in Spain and Latin America and for building a network of practitioners in this region. Marta plays an active role on Social Finance´s market-building efforts by providing advice, support and insight to key stakeholders in countries outside the UK.


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