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How can Venture Capital investors benefit from impact investing? – Investing for Impact Webinar Series for CEE


How can Venture Capital investors benefit from impact investing? – Investing for Impact Webinar Series for CEE

Webinar Series for CEE 4 how can venture capital investors benefit from impact investing website

This webinar took place on 11 March 2021 and is the fourth session of our "Investing for impact Webinar Series for CEE" - click here for more information about the webinar series.


What is this webinar about?

This webinar is dedicated to venture capital representatives and founders who are looking for funding and other representatives of the financial sector. In this webinar, we will analyze trends of sustainability awareness among VC's investors and founders. We will discuss problems such as, how can technology solve global issues and is it more difficult for impact-driven projects to raise funding? On the practical examples, we will consider can purpose-led startups scale up and deliver expected returns. We will talk to the VC investors about their fears when it comes to impact investing. We will explore also, how do investors integrate ESG factors into due diligence, and how do they measure the real impact of their investments? This webinar will address those questions from trends, theory, and practitioners' point of view.

Webinar Recording

Meet the speakers

Peter Clark

Peter Clark - Social Impact Capital

Peter is Partner at Social Impact Capital, an early-stage impact venture capital firm based in New York and Silicon Valley. He is former Head of Business Development at RCI (acquired by Addepar), investment technology and alt-lending startup.

Wiktor Warchalowski

Wiktor Warchalowski - Airly

Wiktor Warchalowski is the CEO and Co-Founder of Airly, building the single source of truth for air-quality globally.

Stanisław Kastory

Stanisław Kastory - Firlej Kastory

Stanisław Kastory is a co-founder of Firlej Kastory - family investment firm implementing impact strategy in VC investments.

Marta Lesiewska

Marta Lesiewska - INSPIRED

Founder of INSPIRED, niche consulting and advisory consultancy, specializing in environment, sustainability, and governance (ESG).

Ewa Konczal

Ewa Konczal - EVPA

Ewa Konczal joined EVPA in May 2014 as the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) Manager. Ewa is spreading the knowledge about venture philanthropy and social investment in CEE.


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