Adding value through non-financial support - A practical guide

December 09, 2015



The publication 'Adding value through non-financial support - A practical guide' plots the costs and added value of non-financial support. It also lists the best ways to encourage your investees and grantees to produce solid societal outcomes.

Several months of EVPA research and discussions with a focus group of 24 member practitioners, academics and service providers from 21 organisations, have helped shape this guide.

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You can download this report for free. Should you want to add it to your website, please link to this webpage.

Discover VP in a Nutshell - Case Studies and Good Practices

VP in a Nutshell is a series of short guides on impact measurement, non-financial support and exit, outlining the key elements, theory and implementation of these practices. All of this in only four pages.

Discover our online tools

In order to make the report easy to incorporate into your everyday practice, we have designed a number of user-friendly tools to help plan, deliver, monetise and value non-financial support.

​​​Learn from the experts

Find out how selected organisations have structured their non-financial support, and why they think it is an integral part of effective venture philanthropy. Have a look at these four experts:

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