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Investing for Impact | The EVPA Survey 2017/2018

November 06, 2018

Investing for Impact | The EVPA Survey 2017/2018” is the result of the analysis of data collected from 110 venture philanthropy and social investment (VP/SI) organisations across Europe, either focussing exclusively on social return, or seeking a social return alongside a financial one, and adopting the core practices of the VP approach (i.e. tailored financing, non-financial support and impact measurement and management).

Key Findings

For 2018, European VP/SI organisations report growing budgets coming from a diverse group of funders, more stable and professional human resources, and an improved pipeline management. Relevant key data and trends include:

  • VP/SI organisations help social purpose organisations (SPOs) get through the early stages of their growth, with half of the respondents providing on average €200,000 or less per SPO.  
  • Equity is the most patient form of capital with almost all respondents using this financial instrument to support SPOs for more than four years.
  • Loans are the most deployed financial instrument in the VP/SI space, followed by grants, equity, and hybrid instruments (only 5%).
  • The large majority of VP/SI organisations with positive financial return expectations, seek moderated financial returns: respondents deploying equity having expectations not exceeding +10%, and those using debt expecting returns from 0% to +5%. 
  • Grants are largely used to support SPOs at incubation and start-up

Another interesting trend is the growth registered in Central Eastern Europe (CEE) with a 7% of the resources allocated there, compared to the 2% of two years ago. This result is likely to reflect the increased number of organisations coming from this region and investing locally, also thanks to the work EVPA is carrying out in this region since 2014. Additionally, EVPA is heading to CEE for the first time to organise its Annual Conference. This is for us and the practitioners the opportunity to show how the VP/SI sector is developing in the region. Join us in Warsaw on 29-30 November 2018!

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EVPA would like to thank the 110 respondents for their input!


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