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Planning and executing an impactful exit - A practical guide

November 13, 2014


Our publication 'Planning and executing an impactful exit - A practical guide' is a five-step action plan for those who plan an exit. This guide explores all the issues and decisions that VP/SI practitioners and SPOs need to consider and decide on when developing and executing a socially impactful exit.

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You can download this report for free. Should you want to add it to your website, please link to this webpage. 

Discover VP in a Nutshell - Case Studies and Good Practices

VP in a Nutshell is a series of short guides on impact measurement, non-financial support and exit, outlining  the key elements, theory and implementation of these practices.  All of this in only four pages.

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EVPA has also launched an interactive website that highlights the most important findings and shows videos of experts discussing exit strategies.


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Planning and executing an impactful exit - A practical guide - pdf 2.16 MB

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