The State of Venture Philanthropy and Social Investment (VP/SI) in Europe | The EVPA Survey 2015/2016

November 03, 2016


Five years of data has allowed us to analyse interesting trends and evolutions in the VP/SI sector. Below we highlight the most striking ones:

  • Overall growth for the sector, 108 organisations allocated €6.5 billion between them since they began their operations, a 30% increase compared to Fiscal Year (FY) 2013.
  • Budgets remained stable.
  • The surveyed organisations invested an average of €7.8 million through VP/SI activities.
  • There is a sharp rise in co-investment between peers since FY 2013. 63% of respondents have co-invested in the past and 19% said they are interested in doing so, even if they have not co-invested yet. Of the respondents that answered both this and the last survey, the organisations that have co-invested increased from 69% to 80%.
  • Over FY 2015 a number of smaller players (with budgets under €2.5million) have entered the space.
  • VP/SI organisations have no shortage in investment opportunities and are improving their deal screening process. Over FY 2015, respondents screened 7,520 potential opportunities. On average, each VP/SI organisation screened 86 organisations, did further due diligence on 17 of them, and selected 9 investees.

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