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ADA's mission is poverty reduction by providing the populations concerned, mainly micro and small entrepreneurs, with responsible financial and technical solutions adapted to their needs.

ADA acts as a catalyst to generate, identify, develop and implement solutions that facilitate inclusive development.

ADA’s approach is innovative. For ADA, innovation does not necessarily mean creating, but rather adapting existing solutions to specific contexts. The results of the projects developed by ADA are intended to be sustainable. Its actions consider all stakeholders in the same sector, the same value chain, in a holistic development approach.

Activities are always defined in a way that best serves the final beneficiaries, working closely hand-in-hand with partners in the field.

Main activities are;
- The Digital Finance Initiative, which represents a genuine opportunity to accelerate the development of financial inclusion

- Small Entreprises and Young Entrepreneurs Financing through new types of intermediaries including local funds and incubators / accelerators.

- The provision of advice and long-term funding to microfinance institutions through the LMDF investment fund

- Structural support and training provided to microfinance institutions in Africa, South-East Asia and Latin America

- Support for the development of networks of microfinance institutions in Central America, West Africa and Asia

- Support for professionals throughout the sector to ensure its long-term development in Cabo Verde and Tunisia.

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