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A Community of Corporate Social Investors with the Common Goal to Advance their Impact Individually and Collectively

What are Corporate Social Investors (CSIs)?

  • They support social purpose organisations (e.g. social enterprises, charities) with financial and non-financial support.
  • They are investors for impact related to a company: a corporate foundation, corporate impact fund, corporate impact incubator, accelerator, a social business
Who are Corporate Social Investors

Take a look at our two success stories of Trafigura Foundation and C&A Foundation (now Laudes Foundation) and find out more about how CSIs pursue innovative venture philanthropy practices to create social impact.

What is the EVPA Corporate Initiative?

The Corporate Initiative connects close to 100 European Corporate Social Investors in search for the most effective ways to advance their social impact by strategically leveraging corporate resources.

Our vision is to have a well-functioning space of Corporate Social Investors, in which CSIs have the necessary expertise, guidance, network and recognition to contribute to real long-term social change, directly through their own operations or indirectly by influencing the operations of the related company.

On top of the regular EVPA membership benefits, EVPA Corporate Initiative members also get the following tailored benefits:

Access the latest information materials, tools and training programmes or participate in our research studies to build the expertise around corporate social investment with us.

Lead the movement towards getting more corporates and their social impact vehicles involved in innovative VP practices.

Connect and engage with a group of like-minded peers from all over Europe at events exclusively for CSIs.

Showcase your best practices to other CSIs through success stories, speaking slots, webinars or research studies.


The Corporate Initiative organises events on a regular basis to create a stronger network of CSIs. Corporate Initiative members receive 1 free ticket (+ any additional ticket at discounted rate) for both the C Summit and Connect4Change.

The C Summit

The C Summit, the first European Corporate Philanthropy & Social Investing summit, connecting around 200 practitioners and experts from the field.

3-4 December 2020, The Netherlands

“EVPA has provided a most needed platform where like-minded people can come together to discuss their concerns, their needs and their wishes, but most importantly, to ultimately bring about social impact.”

— Suzy Chisholm, C Summit Participant 2019


Connect4Change is the annual gathering for senior leaders of Corporate Social Investors to share experiences, challenges, best practices and failures under Chatham House rules. Members only.

3 December 2020, The Netherlands

“What this EVPA gathering offers me is a peer-to-peer approach on a level that I cannot find anywhere else. That is the place where we can under Chatham House rules exchange wonderful ideas, brainstorm on relevant issues. That is why I’m here. This brought quite a lot of interesting and promising insights to me”

— Stefan Huber Fux, Director of Swiss Re Foundation

Publications & Tools

The Corporate Initiative conducts pioneering research on the latest corporate social investing trends to help practitioners improve their practices. Our research builds on the collective expertise and knowledge of our members and experts in the field.

Strategic Alignment

EVPA has developed the first typology explaining the various ways Corporate Social Investors can align with their related company to enhance their social impact.

Click here to access it

Read "The Rise of the Corporate Social Investor" published in the Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR) based on EVPA's research here.

Social Impact through Employee Engagement

Our two toolkits on employee engagement will help you in designing impact-driven corporate volunteering and giving programmes. To access the toolkits, click here.

We also offer a training on the topic, visit our Training Academy page for more information.

To know which is your highest potential role in employee engagement programmes, take the quiz

Corporate Social Impact Strategies

New Paths for Collaborative Growth Report available here.

Interested in joining our initiative? Take a look at our membership offer and benefits here.

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Sophie Faujour Le Bon , Head of Corporate Initiative Development & France Country Manager, EVPA

Nicolas Malmendier , Corporate Initiative Intern, EVPA

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