EVPA Corporate Initiative 

Leveraging core corporate assets to create social impact!

Are you a part of a corporate entity that wants to change the world in a positive, impactful way?

Corporate social investors (foundations, accelerator programs, impact funds or CSR departments) play a specific role in this ecosystem. When they are able to successfully work together with corporations, they have the unique opportunity to maximise resources by leveraging corporate talent, technology, supply chains and networks, so that they can scale the social impact which they are aiming for. Despite their high potential for impact creation, there is scarce practical guidance available for corporate social initiatives, or acknowledgement of their unique positioning as an intermediary between companies and SPOs.

The EVPA Corporate Initiative

The EVPA Corporate Initiative brings together more than 50 corporate foundations, social impact funds, accelerators and other socially-driven corporate entities in search of the most effective ways to maximise their societal impact through joint-learning across Europe.

Our mission is to create a common practice, so that leveraging core corporate assets for large-scale social investments with business value becomes the ‘norm’ by 2030.

Our close-knit community can help you on your journey, giving you the tools, network and advice needed to create societal impact.

Leslie Johnston

"We want to lead and accelerate the change to create an industry with social and environmental practices that enable communities and people to thrive."

Leslie Johnston, Director, C&A Foundation

You will have access to expert gatherings, workshops, webinars, toolkits and case studies that can guide you on your social investment journey. We work on 3 strategic objectives:

  • Increasing the community;
  • Understanding and awareness;
  • Guiding and improving.

Looking forward

  • Bringing together corporate investors at the 3rd edition of Connect4Change, a place to grow the community and build a safe space to improve on their best practices. The event will take place in September in Munich;
  • Annual mapping and analysis of the market and its developments; 
  • Gathering of the corporate members during the EVPA Annual Conference;       
  • Publish one research paper on strategic alignment;     
  • Organising 3 customised 1-on-1 match-making workshops.             

Our achievements so far

  • In 2017, we launched Connect4Change, our Corporate Annual Gathering. Europe’s leading corporate investors came together, sharing experiences, challenges, best practices and failures under Chatham House rules. 
  • We organised a dedicated expert session on strategic alignment during the EVPA Annual Conference in Oslo; and one on employee engagement at our annual conference in Warsaw
  • We have grown our community with 10 new members.
  • We started building a database on who is who and who does what in the sector.
  • We organised a webinar on how can corporate investors act as game changers to support societal solutions?
  • We engaged with and learned from new leaders, sharing insights with other networks such as Dafne, EFC, ADMICAL and GRACE. 
  • Launch of two new toolkits on employee engagement;  

Find out more and become an EVPA member!

If you are not already an EVPA member, you can download the membership brochure to find out more about how to become one. 

Would you like to learn more on how you can design and implement employee engagement activities to generate social impact?

EVPA in collaboration with  Rotterdam School of Management  has designed the perfect course for your needs. It is a great chance to understand better how you can match employee engagement activities with the social purpose organisations’ fundamental needs. Do not miss this opportunity!  

Corporate Initiative Members

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Contact for more info

Jamy Goewie , Community and Market Development Director, EVPA

Karoline Heitmann , Corporate Research Associate, EVPA

Priscilla Boiardi , Knowledge Centre and Policy Director, EVPA

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